Guava-Mango Refresher: A Hydrating Delight for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Postpartum

Guava-Mango Refresher: A Hydrating Delight for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Postpartum

Welcome to our Cravings Library, where we celebrate the power of hydration during the extraordinary stages of pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum. As a mother-to-be or a new mom, you understand the significance of staying properly hydrated to support your well-being and the health of your little one. Below, we'll explore the importance of hydration during these stages and introduce you to a delightful recipe: the Guava-Mango Refresher. This hydrating concoction, featuring the refreshing blend of guava and mango, is packed with nutrients and is perfect for satisfying your thirst and nourishing your body.


The Importance of Hydration during Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, adequate hydration is essential for both you and your growing baby. Hydration helps maintain amniotic fluid levels, supports nutrient absorption, aids digestion and regulates body temperature. By incorporating hydrating recipes into your daily routine, you can ensure that you and your little one receive the necessary fluids to thrive.


The Guava-Mango Refresher Recipe:

Indulge your taste buds and stay hydrated with this delightful Guava-Mango Refresher recipe. Packed with the goodness of tropical flavors and enhanced by the hydrating benefits of Other Than pregnancy hydration drink mix, it is sure to quench your thirst and rejuvenate your senses.


Recipe: Guava-Mango Refresher




16 ounces filtered or sparkling water

Splash of mango puree

Splash of guava juice

Kiwi slices

1 packet of Other Than pregnancy hydration drink mix

Ice cubes



  1. Start with 16 ounces of filtered or sparkling water in your water bottle.
  2. Add one packet of Other Than pregnancy hydration mix and stir vigorously until well combined.
  3. Pour in a refreshing splash of mango puree and guava juice, adding a burst of tropical flavor.
  4. Drop in a few pieces of freshly sliced kiwi to infuse the drink with a hint of tartness and extra nutrients.
  5. Top it off with ice cubes to make it wonderfully chilled and refreshing.
  6. Give it a gentle stir, and your Guava-Mango Refresher is ready to enjoy!


Remember, hydration is a vital part of your journey through pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum. The Guava-Mango Refresher is just one of the many delicious ways to quench your thirst and nourish your body during these incredible stages of motherhood. Stay hydrated, stay refreshed, and cherish each moment as you embrace the joys of motherhood. Cheers to your well-being and the well-being of your little one!

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